Being a third year Bachelor of Creative Industries student I love exposing myself to all things art. So whilst I should've been at Little Big Events' HQ on Friday, I snuck off to Auckland for the day, to explore what Auckland Art Fair had to offer. And I wasn't disappointed! 

The Cloud was filled with some of the finest art from New Zealand and around the world. Pieces that stood out to me where Stuart Robertson's Peace in 10000 hands, several pieces of John Reynold's that were dotted around the place and a large collection of canvases exhibited by Dick Frizzell.  

It was great sharing the experience with some of my tutors and fellow students. I even bumped into an old friend too. These images of the Auckland Art Fair are courtesy of my friend Richard Robinson Photography...jeez he's good. 

Can't wait until I'm back in Auckland again. But in the mean time there's lots of art and design goodness here in Tauranga to keep me going!