So we had a helping hand in the all new Audi Q5 launch at Farmer Autovillage last week, yeah, no biggie! Just mixing and mingling with one of the most prestigious cars out there...but what did I learn from it you ask? Well, that I would quite like to own one of course! But for now it’s just going to have to be my A55 Austin with all it’s rust because I sensed I wouldn't get much for it on trade in. Never mind - your time will come Chris, your time will come.

Anyway, occasionally we get approached by various corporates to help deliver events, whether that be styling assistance or perhaps components of an event that we're more experienced to handle such as Food & Beverage or design and build - but in this instance it was an all-round approach from marketing and programming through to design and delivery.

I love these opportunities because it gives me the chance to get the tools out, charge up the ol cordless skilly and get creative! A winter wonderland approach tied into the brand story behind the Audi Q5 with an epic snow experience up for grabs on the night, which in short is the opportunity to get sideways around an ice and snow track down in the deep south! Quite possibly the most fun you could have in a pair of long johns I bet...well, almost.

Who knew you could make a winter wonderland out of 8 bags of ready set concrete, a trailer load of branches, 6 sacks of leaves, 5 bins of tree table settings amongst other wood products, white spray paint and fairly lights! There you go! I won't give away too many trade secrets but what I can tell you is the finishing gun and electric planer got the workout of their lives.

Making things is the easy bit though really - my wife Rachelle was a lady possessed bringing the elements together and I take my wooly hat off to anyone who can handle situations without a power tool. When we had one of the evening's main attractions...other than that of the car pull out due to personal circumstances I thought I felt a couple of grey hairs announce themselves but the boss showed composure and just whistled in Te Radar! And what a substitution, coming off the bench with little to no prep isn't for the faint hearted I'm sure but he did it well and did it with swagger..respect!

The Little Big Events team ran the bar, which was no mean feat either, especially when you're kitted out in flannel and duck down vests to replicate the lumberjack look courtesy of Huffer  - but with some sweat tunes coming from DJ Steve Dunstan, we soon looked past the beads of perspiration that were making themselves at home on our brows, mastered the speed openers after a couple of boxes of Stella Artois and pretty much replicated Tom Cruise (that's Brendon) & Bryan Brown from Cocktail for the rest of the evening.

Another job well done!