I've known the Mount Brewing Co range of beers on an intimate level for a number of years now, the Blowhole Pale Ale, Mermaids Mirth and even the Manuka Hussy have always been there to talk to...or there simply to just quench my thirst after a hard day of doing nothing in the sun.

Good beer is no fluke and so it's come to no surprise that all the hard graft that goes on in the brewery is starting to pay off! I've seen it!..even smelt it! She's been operating at full capacity over the past couple of summers like an old Holden sitting on 6000 revs... something has to give! And so expansion it is!

Needless to say, when I got approached to help with the interior design of the breweries expansion and re-brand of the old Brewers it was like getting asked for an autograph, I'll admit I blushed a little or was it just my capillary veins giving way...anyway, the beer is bloody good, if I venture into any bar where there isn't Mount Brewing Co on tap, I start turning over tables, so yeah, I'm excited about the prospects.

This is of course my first entry into the world of blogging...about doing something that I think is pretty cool, I swear I won't post anything about what I've made with an old pallet but I will keep you up to date with the changes...the ch ch ch ch changes

Until next time!

Photos credit Brydie Photography

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