March 18 2017 was a huge day in the Bay of Plenty. 

The Little Big Events team had an unusually dewy early morning start in preparation for the monthly Papamoa Little Big Markets. As the sun came up, I reached for my first coffee of the day, pressed the switch on the bouncy castle, it just felt like an awesome day.

The clock hit 9am and the crowds flocked into the markets, I jumped back in the truck and headed back to The Mount to repack the truck for Diner en Blanc.

For those of you not aware, The Diner en Blanc concept began in Paris in 1988 when a group of friends met up for an elegant outdoor dinner, all attendees dressed in white so they could find each other. 

The event's now takes place in over 70 cities, and 2017 was the first Diner en Blanc in Tauranga.

After repacking the truck I set off to the mystery location (guests only find out the location shortly before arriving) as I turned the corner I saw a sea of white tablecloths flail in the wind.

The place looked amazing already, green grass, water like glass and Mount Maunganui as the backdrop. I proceeded to help the team set up a large white gazebo for the bar, set up festoons lights and secured a lot of cables from the stage. 

A few hours had passed and it was time for me to head back to Papamoa to pack down the markets, the crew taken down most of the infrastructure so it was straight into packing the truck. It was a hot afternoon and I was really looking forward to a shower.

After unpacking the truck from the Markets back at HQ, I hung up my "outfit" and proceeded to get ready for Diner en Blanc. (Mens white pants are very difficult to track down just FYI)

I drove the truck back to Pilot Bay (Surprise!!) and handed the keys over, it was finally time to to relax and enjoy the festivities. And what festivities they were! Not long after I arrived the tradition of Napkin Waving took place, and that is a spectacular visual.

The tables were long communal tables, I sat opposite Chris. The food arrived and it was amazing, neatly packed and excellently presented along side some Nakd Water. I enjoyed a couple of glasses of Pinot Noir from Wither Hills while the awesome bands kicked the night off in spectacular style. I also particularly enjoyed the Macaroons from Spongedrop.

As the sun began to set the amazing lights by Light Viking began to shine bright. We were handed some sparklers to light once it was dark, again, another amazing visual, hundreds of people dressed in white, swinging sparkers in the air.

The event was winding down so the Little Big Events team headed to the photo booth and produced some quality snaps. 

As I headed off to jump in a taxi home I thought to myself, if this is how good the first Diner en Blanc in Tauranga is, imagine what next year will be like.

And I cant wait for that.....

Thanks! Brendon :)