Welcome to my second edition of ch ch ch ch changes! I know I should be up to my third or fourth instalment by now, but I'm not known for my journalistic abilities, so you'll have to just beer with me...did you see what I did there? beer with me...get it?

Anyway, as you know we've been working away on what was previously known as Brewers bar, and slowly transforming it into what will be ‘The Rising Tide’. It's about to go from zero to ten on the working scale, which means in simple terms...'shits about to get real'!

In a little over 4 weeks, you're going to be able to experience the Bay's quintessential brew bar! No pressure no diamonds right?...

The full on schedule has been thirsty work to say the least! So when the opportunity came up to help with Mount Brewing Co's instalment at GABS, I knew it would be a great opportunity to wet the whistle and catch up with a few brewers!

Located at Auckland's ASB centre, it's quite possibly the widest selection of beers you'll ever see, of which would make most brewers blush! Over 65 special brews were supplied just for this one event of which were all up for a people's choice award. Mount Brewing Co's Orange & Chocolate Stout was rated by GABS as one of the top 5 beers to try, which deserved a clap for sure! Coincidently this particular drop is now available at Mount Brewing Co in flagons and on tap as well as Mount Brewing Co Brew Bar...if there's any left!

Not just the beer of course, GABS did a great job of providing entertainment with roaming performers and musicians that made sure I wasn't totally fixated on drinking as much as I could. In fact a game of Jenga I had with some friends reached legendary status! A marathon effort of 50 minutes meant an interested and vocal crowd gathered to see who would break! Who would've thought Jenga could be fun?

An unexpected way to close out the session was witnessing an animated streaker making her way at speed through the middle of the event! I don't condone that kind of behaviour at all... but is there any bigger compliment for an event if someone wants to strip off and run through a crowd of strangers?...respect!

Anyway...I better get back to the tools, I've got work to do!!