The Little Big Markets is a place where you can engage with many local creatives, and we as a team want to share with you our stall holders stories and how their products are designed and hand crafted, ready for market day.

JS Ceramics has a wonderful studio in Te Puna where their workshop is surrounded by Kiwi Fruit Vines, Manderin trees within a country setting, it was such a beautiful and relaxing place to visit! Thankfully we brought a yummy lemon curd cake from spongedrop with us to share in exchange for swiping some fruit on our way out!

Our eyes lit up when we entered the JS Ceramics space, you could really see the whole production line and how the end product is made. Jen took us through the slip casting process, to molds, drying, painting to then firing up the kilns to produce the end product, it really is a beautiful process and its nice to see this NZ owned local business making success within the pottery industry nation wide.

OMG we got to see first hand their gold splatter range which is new to the JS Ceramic collection and it is to die for, plus Jen explained to us how they create the gold splatter, each individually prepared, which makes the new collection that much more desirable, since you can see the work that has gone into it, well done guys!!! 

It was lovely to enjoy a relaxing cuppa tea with the team and to hear Jens story about how she has been creating pottery for 12+ years now, so we are pretty stoked to have them at The Little Big Markets each month selling their samples and seconds range.

JS Ceramics and George and Co are stocked in stores across New Zealand as well local stores Paper Plane and Flux Boutique in Mount Maunganui, so make sure you pop into these stores and check out their range.

We want to say a HUGE thanks to the JS Ceramics team for having us over to play, you guys were wonderful hosts and cant wait to see what you guys do next!