I was in Auckland at the weekend for Semi Permanent & it was AMAZING! But that's not what I'm here to talk about. Whilst I LOVE all things art & design, my love for vegan food it out of this world! So being in Auckland was the perfect excuse to stuff my face...all weekend...until I was uncomfortably full. 

People tend to think vegans are health conscious nuts, who only eat salad. Don't get me wrong I love a good salad, but I also like junk food, and this is why I ended up at Sunflower. This ALL VEGAN Thai restaurant hits all the right spots. From soups to noodles & everything in between, I think even meat eaters would struggle not to be amazed with what they have to offer. I settled for the Pad Thai & was not at all disappointed. So much so I ended up there two nights in a row!

I also headed to Revive which have amazing vegan salads...see I like salad. My favourite thing about Revive is their collection of cookbooks...easy to make, delicious food, made with everyday pantry items. Win! 

Lastly I headed to Misters...twice! Once for breakfast (buckwheat waffles with caramalised banana & maple syrup) & then lunch (cauliflower pakora with new potatoes & salad). I honestly cannot fault this place. The vibe is epic, they have a zero waste policy, amazing coffee & beautiful staff. 

I highly recommend all of these eateries, whether you're vegan or not. And that goes for Vegan Vibes too...everyone is welcome! Join us on Saturday 24th September at The Rising Tide (Soper Reserve). There's gonna be street food, food products, health & body products, clothing & footwear & even a specially crafted local vegan beer. YAY! Tickets are only $6.00!