Eeeeeekk! That's the sound of me squealing because I'm going to Semi Permanent! For those of you that aren't familiar with the franchise, it's a "global creative and design thinking platform". As a design student you can only imagine my excitement. And the best part is I get to go with Little Big Events' Directors, Rachelle & Chris! 

Last year I was wowed by the likes of Jessica WalshYuri Suzuki and Christopher Doyle. They all shared their personal skills, experiences and humorous anecdotes. I was literally entertained and enthused for a full 2 days. Hearing from the worlds creative elite really solidified my decision to study art and design. And I'm not lucky enough to practice it within the Little Big Events team. 

I can't wait for this years event. It's a great excuse to head to Auckland and get some of my favourite vegan treats too. If you're keen to attend it's on 12th & 13th August. You can check out their website here. You might even see me there. I'll be the geek at the front, taking notes and clapping like a mad woman at the end of each talk! Yes, I'm that person.