Double Dutch Fries

Double Dutch Fries serve up crispy, golden fries in a cone - with your choice of delicious sauces. This seemingly simple combination of fries and sauce is an absolute staple on the streets of Holland and a source of much pride for the Dutch people around the world. Now, the classic and authentic Dutch fries experience has landed in Aotearoa.

The Double Dutch team delivers a classic with a twist: fresh Agria potatoes, hand cut, twice fried, served in a paper cone; topped with authentic Dutch mayonnaise and their unique peanut satay sauce.

Double Dutch Fries was founded by Timothy van der Werff in 2015 and has slowly been introducing the subtle art of frying hand-cut fries to New Zealand. We are taking things back to basics by just focussing on a single product.

Already, Double Dutch Fries is starting to make a name for itself and has recently been featured in the Denizen;

"Dubbed the fries specialists entrusted with the task of bringing authentic Dutch fries to our fair shores, the hand-cut fries here have been treated with the utmost care before being topped with creamy mayonnaise, tangy satay sauce and finely chopped onions for garnish."

Sample Menu

Patat Oorlog

Creamy mayonnaise, tangy satay sauce and garnished with finely chopped onions

Patat Rotzooi

Tomato sauce and creamy mayonnaise

Patat Met

Topped with creamy mayonnaise

Contact Timothy to see what Double Dutch Fries can do for you at your event.