El Mono Loco

El Mono Loco catering company is available to cater for all events; weddings, corporate functions, canapé parties and launches. We are passionate food professionals. For us, it's all about three things - the food, you and incredible service. 

With over ten years’ experience cooking aboard superyachts in Europe, our head chef Bridget brings back to New Zealand a variety of cuisines and cooking talents. Bridget has put together a wide range of menu plans depending on your taste, budget or occasion, from family style dining and noodle boxes to sophisticated, mouth watering canapés. At El Mono Loco we recognise the importance of being flexible, listening to our clients and staying open to new ideas. We welcome opportunities to work with you to create a menu specific to your needs. Bridget can work with any space or kitchen available, or use El Mono Loco's self-contained mobile food trailer, bringing our quality catering services straight to you and your guests in any location.. 

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to have your own private chef? If you live in Tauranga, you can have our head chef Bridget cook just for you. With Bridget's experience as a private chef on superyachts, she is able to bring this fine dining experience to the comfort of your own home. Enjoy the luxury of a no stress party. Let Bridget come to you and prepare a gourmet menu including canapés, a complete three-course meal and desserts for you and your guests. She will take care of the shopping, cooking and clean-up, so you can enjoy entertaining. Bridget can work out of any kitchen or can bring along the El Mono Loco Food Trailer which is a complete kitchen on wheels.

Sample Noodle Box Menu

(Canapé, Family Style /Buffet & Private Chef Menus also available)

Thai Red Chicken or Duck Curry

 With bok choy and jasmine rice

Nasi Goreng

Stir fried rice topped with lacquered pork belly

Chiang Mai Noodles  (Chicken or Prawn )

Fresh egg noodles in a spicy coconut broth topped with crispy fried noodles


With spinach tabbouleh feta and mint yogurt

Moroccan Rubbed Lamb

On Israeli couscous and roasted vegetable salad

Thai Beef Salad

With cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, mint and coriander

Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad (Veg, Chicken or Prawns)

Julienne vegetables, toasted peanuts and sesame herb dressing

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels

Steamed with lemon grass, chilli and coconut milk, served with crusty bread

Ginger and Soy Glazed Salmon Fillets

With steamed bok choy and jasmine rice

Greek Orzo Salad

Cucumber , tomatoes , black olives , feta cheese with parsley and oregano 

Wild Rice Salad (VEG/V)

With edamame, seared tofu and miso dressing

Contact Bridget Serafimidis to see what the legendary El Mono Loco can do for you at your event.