The hirer shall keep the gazebo in good condition and without damage, and return to Little Big Events in such conditions. If anything is attached to the interior or exterior of the gazebo during use, it must be removed before packing away. Please return gazebo and pegs to zone allocated by the Little Big Events team. 

The hirer shall pay Little Big Events full compensation for replacement and/or repair to:

  • Cover the cost of any damage to the gazebo hired
  • Replace any lost or stolen equipment, or any equipment damaged to such an extent that it can no longer be used for its original purpose.

It is the hirers responsibility to erect and secure the gazebo into the ground with pegs provided. Where possible please strap on to the gazebo next to you. These gazebos will act as a sail even in the slightest breath of wind. Please secure correctly before setting up your stall.

The hirer shall inform Little Big Events of any damage that occurred during the hire term.

For events where Little Big Events gazebo are being used on mass:

  • There will be no charge
  • Stall holders must use gazebo provided. This is required to provide an overall pleasing aesthetic at the venue.

When Little Big Events provide gazebos at no cost, the hirer must provide their own weights. If the event is on a hard or concrete surface you will require water or sand weights. You will not be able to use Little Big Events gazebo(s) if you do not have weights that will secure the gazebo to the ground.

Cost: $20

Owner: Little Big Events