Johney's Dumpling House

Johney has gained quite the reputation for his dumplings and dimsums! In fact it's widely known that people will come from near and far to get their fix. It's of little surprise though really when you consider that he virtually grew up at the markets selling produce with his parents. His mother bestowed upon him traditional Chinese cooking methods and he's put it to good practice!

Johney's Dumpling House has been at the forefront of the street food culture movement, they're experienced and can manage a crowd of any size!

Sample Menu

Supreme dumplings

A mouthful of the finest, full flavoured, marinated pork shoulder blended with the seasons freshest vegetables and herbs

Pan fried dumplings

Pork & Vege dumplings, seared in light virgin olive oil to add a crispiness to each bite.

Chick norris dumplings

Free range Chicken breast marinated in coconut milk, corriander and cumin with chunks of sweet dried cranberries

Pork & prawn dumplings (GF)

These mouth watering dumplings are made from a blend of specially marinated pork shoulder & king prawn, encased in a translucent
low-gluten wrapper.

Pork Siu Mai

Tender pork shoulder, marinated with shiitake mushroom, carrot and sweet corn to taste.

Contact Johney to see what the legendary Dumpling House can do for you at your event.