Brendon Holmes, newest member of the Little Big Events team has his top 5 things!


Brendon Holmes is the newest member to The Little Big Events team, joining us as our newly appointed Operations Manager, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge from the music, radio and the events industry, so we’re putting him to work! Not before he gives us his top 5 favourite things! Check it out!

My Top 5

1. Ace Hotel - Palm Springs

I recently went on a trip to the USA with my partner and we stayed at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs during our travels to the desert. Just down the road from where Coachella Festival is held. We went at a time where the weather was pushing 50 degrees most days so sitting in the pool with a drink was common. Definitely worth checking out if you’re in California as its only an hour and a half drive from LA.

2. Music

I’ve always been a huge huge fan of music and there is so much good stuff out there at the moment. Currently my favourite tune is Know the Feeling by halfnoise.  Also check out a local Mt Maunganui band called Shakes. They're doing great things!

3. Dick Cakes

Robert and Samantha Dickey have a talent for creating spectacular sweet treats. Check out their work

4. Burgers

I’m up for a burger any day of the week. A couple of local Bay of Plenty burgers joints you should check out are Tag Burger and James Street Burgers.

5. Melbourne 

I love living in The Mount but a while ago I lived in Melbourne for 10 years. Its still one of my favourite places to visit (as well as New York City). Melbourne has a lot going for it. Music, great cafes and bar, restaurants, huge sporting events and just a general vibe. It’s a great creative city with so many sub sections going on.