Chris is the Little Big Events creative director. He's recently become a father of two and his top 5 are based on just some of the special moments he's experienced as a dad!


My Top 5

1. It's ok to be nude in Paris

Only if you're under the age of 2...One of the biggest trials for me as a naturally protective and anxious person was to take my then 15mth old son to the other side of the world! Turns out kids are way more resilient than I ever thought and even though you might have the urge to run around Paris in the know that your mini me is the only one with the balls to do it!

2. It's the little things!

I'm incredibly grateful that we live in a part of the country that let's us spend more time with family - my commute to work ties up all of 10 minutes of my day, which is a massive privilege! The upshot of this is that I get to hang with my family a lot more, on the beach, at the park...wherever! More time means more little things and more little things mean more memories!

3. Perspective

So, some real good friends of ours got married and had this polaroid camera or something similar for guests to grab moments of the day and evening...I remember my son grabbed this thing and went nuts with it - but the images he took were just these cool perspectives of people and arrangements that made me think about how you naturally develop into an orthodox way of operating or using something. It's refreshing to have a child's perspective on life!

4. Tiny triumphs

Talking birth experiences isn't something I tend to delve into with other parents, so I don't have a super clear understanding of what everyone else goes through - but I'd assume it's a gruesomely beautiful event for most with the fair share of complications thrown in there. My personal experience was that there's just some things that anti natal class can't prepare you for... I don't ever recall going over the 'it's an emergency! get him out of there! c-section' drill...or "the spinal anesthetic isn't working and I can feel you cutting me" experience. So both events as a support person were incredibly humbling! I always thought I was pretty tough - turns out I'm not after witnessing what my wife has now gone through and have total admiration for her and indeed all women! I now look at Otis and Goldie and see tiny triumphs...

5. Discover! 

The wonderment at discovering things for the first time must be a total mind blow. I guess that amazement just dissipates over time as you grow old but watching your own child experience it somehow reminds you of the importance of discovery! From finding a prey-mantis in the garden to spotting an eel in a creek! Thanks for the life lesson Otis...keep discovering!