Louise Kirkham from FLOAT Fitness gives her top 5 mindful experience's in the Bay of Plenty.

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The idea of yoga and similar exercise techniques, including breathing, had always appealed to Louise. Knowing the benefits; it just needed to be a little more of an upbeat tempo and then she discovered AntiGravity® Fitness.

AntiGravity® Fitness is a form of low impact exercise, inspired by both yoga and acrobatic movements. Movements are performed in a ceiling mounted hammock, that provides support and resistance. By performing all techniques above ground your body utilizes more muscle groups to balance, providing an all body workout.

So, if that sounds like a bit of you, then definitely check out FLOAT Fitness for yourself!

My Top 5

  1. A Sound Bath with Debbie and Rob from Mount Acupuncture. Debbie and Rob will guide you through a feast for the sense combining ancients Sanskrit chanting and unique instrumental to take you on a relaxing journey.

  2. Night glow worm kayak experience with Waimarino Adventures.  This is really a fantastic night.  No noise pollution - no cell phone coverage just you and nature hanging out.  A great date-night.

  3. Raining day soak in the Welcome Bay Hot Pools.  There’s something extra therapeutic about rain drops on steamy water

  4. Sunset Mount-base stroll

  5. Glassy water morning surfs.  To me this is the Mount at it’s magical best and why I made this beautiful part of the world my home