So, as the “Cheryl & Wayne” show/or No3 Ltd, here’s our top 5 places that we like to take our No1 (Jacob) and No2 (Gabriel).  And with 3 males in the family, it just so happens those places mostly involve food.

An eclectic mix but we’re really fussy, and patronise eateries solely based on how happy the food and service makes us feel.

My Top 5

  1. Tauranga Club in Devonport Towers - It's my (Cheryl's) favourite restaurant with the best service ever, and when I sprung a surprise wedding on Wayne last year for his 'surprise 40th', the Tauranga Club came to the party. Yes we got married, no the guests had no idea about the wedding, yes it is super easy to organise a wedding when only 5 people know about it. Boom.!
  2. Bobby's.  It's a Tauranga institution.  Nothing better than sitting on the waterfront with the family eating F&C once in a while.
  3. Third, packing up the family and tripping around NZ supporting with our No1 boy at Taekwondo tournaments.  It's awesome to watch our lovely boy develop into a calm, strategic competitor, who can kick butt.
  4. Flying Burrito Brothers on Grey Street. Wicked atmosphere, the kids love it, and you just CANNOT beat a beef chimichunga with super hot smokey chipotle sauce.  And Wayne, do you remember how on your 39th birthday the Duty Manager Jose (and the other diners) sang Happy Birthday to you. Life is about making memories after all.
  5. The Little Big Markets - Believe it or not, being a seller at TLBM is date day in disguise.  No kids, and we get to hang out together all day - yes Wayne, you do love that aspect. AND Johney's Dumplings are #1 lunch choice every time - unless we get busy and go too late and they have run out :(