Our Place

As the Tauranga City Council administration buildings fall, a new opportunity arises. An opportunity to create a beating heart in the space where the building once stood. An opportunity to create a place that acknowledge's history whilst looks to the future by creating a safe, vibrant and energetic space.

This temporary yet dynamic city centre project, called 'Our Place' is focused on supporting and engaging our community, so as well as providing space for local businesses, offering affordable rents to social enterprises and start-ups, our event spaces and public areas will also be available for hire for community events like meetings, fundraisers and workshops.

Scheduled opening for Our Place is for March this year.

An essential part in creating an environment where we can empower our community with learnings and discoveries will be through our open workshops, which might range from kid's art classes, printmaking and cooking through to various horticulture courses within the community garden. Whether it's a skill to be learnt with your hands or expanding your mind through inspiring speakers and cinema, the discovery programme will be designed to surprise and delight whilst providing every opportunity for participants to learn new skills and experience a sense of accomplishment.

The container spaces will provide a low cost opportunity for people with great ideas to test their market with very little risk. Selected from a variety of categories and chosen for their ability to enhance local business as opposed to compete, we’re creating a symbiotic relationship with existing small businesses as a way of invigorating trade in the CBD.

From cutting edge design led retailers to boutique food offerings, this space has the potential to evolve micro-businesses into viable CBD stalwarts.

The intent of ‘our well-being’ zone(s) is to help create a robust, healthy community filled with productive people. A public space for members of the community to recharge and connect the body to the mind.

Whether it’s a morning yoga class, an after work meditation session or perhaps Tai-Chi, classes of varying disciplines will be available for teens, adults & senior members of our community.

Taking inspiration from the traditional busker's in Covent Garden to the edgy entertainers at BoxPark in Shoreditch, a comprehensive but low cost programme of entertainment will bring life and laughter to the center.

Comprised of music, dance, comedy and theatre, the adaptable event space will also have the versatility to cater for markets, community events, gigs and fundraisers.

‘Our Place’ will create simple infrastructure and facilities for
pre-booked celebrations and activations. From creative events to birthday parties, this unique canvas can be transformed to meet the needs of many who may want to meet for work or play.

Our Friends are open spaces that become venues of many sizes, forms & functions.

The heart of a community lies in the congregation of its people to share knowledge & experiences. Celebrating the well supported library and art gallery, this meeting space can become an exciting new place for young and old to enjoy story time or to learn about art and history.