Rachelle & Chris

Meet Mr & Mrs Little Big Events. Rachelle is the head honcho (Director) and Chris makes things look pretty (Creative Director). 



Chris' Mini Me but not quite as small or evil, Hannah has joined the team as our design intern. 


The Marmite to our cheese, Kimberley has been collaborating with Little Big Events since 2012. She created the Night Owl Cinema (through 'Done By People'), advises us on waste management and without her it just wouldn't be the same. 


The Little Big Markets captain, Kalou has run a pretty tight ship since she came on board in 2012...any sign of barnacles are quickly dealt with. 


Our very own Paparazzi, Brydie captures all the special moments at The Little Big Markets and Dinner in the Domain. So next time you see her fix up your hair, straighten yourself out and give her a smile. 


Much like Batman's Robin but without the mask...or the underwear over his pants. You'll find Greg working his guts out at Dinner in the Domain...Shazaam!