Real Italian Doughnuts

Often just the thought of flavours from a different country can make your mouth water and conjure up exotic images of far away places. When they are brought to life in the fullness of tradition, something special awaits you.

Salve Basile has created just such an opportunity with his Real Italian Doughnuts (known in Italy as zeppole di patate).  These doughnuts are a traditional Southern Italian delicacy. They are a yeast based doughnut made with all natural ingredients including potatoes, flour, olive oil and lemon zest. The result is a soft, light and airy doughnut which is absolutely delicious! There are small plain balls (great for the kids) or the larger doughnuts are filled with a traditional Italian crema (chocolate or vanilla) or an apple cinnamon.

Real Italian doughnuts is a family run business based in Tauranga which is completely mobile and operates from a food trailer. This brightly coloured trailer stands out in a crowd and portrays images of Southern Italy (Massa Lubrense) to add to the ambience of your experience. Salve says “I love being mobile and going to participate in events all around the place. I just want to bring the taste of my family to everyone! I want them to enjoy what I had as a kid.”

Italians are vibrant by culture and very creative in their food flavours – their desserts are always mouth-watering, yet the recipes are often closely guarded by the older Italian ladies; so having the opportunity to enjoy these traditional flavours is an opportunity not to be missed!

Sample Menu

Warm Plain Doughnuts

Small bite size, great for kids & adults

  • 5 Doughnuts

  • 10 Doughnuts

  • 15 Doughnuts

  • 20 Doughnuts

Topping sauce

  • Chocolate

  • Salted Caramel

  • Strawberry

Doughnuts with ice cream on top

  • 2 Filled & ice cream on top

  • 3 Filled & ice cream on top

  • 5 Plain & ice cream on top

  • 10 Plain & ice cream on top

  • 1 Scoop of ice cream

Filled Doughnuts

*Vanilla or Chocolate Italian Custard or * Apple and Cinnamon

  • Single

  • Mixed 3 pack

  • Mixed 6 pack

  • Mixed 10 pack                


  • San Pellegrino

  • Limonata, Aranciata Rossa, Aranciata

  • Sparkling water

  • Waiwera – water

  • Cans, Coke, Sprite

  • Coffee Italian Espresso

  • Short Black 3oz Cup           

  • Long Black 6oz Cup

Contact Salve Basile to see what the Real Italian Doughnuts can do for you at your event.