The Little Big Markets have meant that we can connect with our local community - from the people who attend the market, browsing, purchasing or stopping for a chat to get to know about our company, our people and our products, to other stall holders who have businesses that compliment ours, allowing the possibilities of future working relationships. It is a great family to belong to - one where everyone is there to help out and share in each other’s successes.
— Bron, Rocky Knob Brewing Company
I love the feeling of community that The Little Big Markets brings to the area. You don’t have to live here to belong to something truly special.

Thanks to the support of The Little Big Markets we are able to connect people who are looking to make a difference. Whether it’s buying one of our fair trade items at our market stall, supporting our local shop or donating to one of our amazing projects CCTNZ is looking forward to making some real change this year! We love having a site at such a local community event as it offers us a space to reach out and explain the difference we are making to so many families and how you can be a part of it. We couldn’t do this without amazing support such as the team behind TLBM’s.
— Clare Morris & The Cambodian Charitable Trust NZ
For me its the perfect place to enjoy some sun, music, catch up with friends and meet other people doing amazing, creative things in the bay!

Rachelle and Chris at Little Big Events have been an absolute pleasure to work with, their support towards small local businesses and the community is commendable - It’s a very inspiring and proud movement to be a part of.
— Tim, Informal tea
The Little Big Markets have become such a BIG part of my life. Over the past year my customers have been able to enjoy shopping Lawson in an outdoor environment that is relaxed, safe and fun! The unique friendships and encouraging community built around The Little Big Markets always inspires me. The Mount really has something special here.
— Kristen, Lawson Kidswear
The market has given us and so many other small businesses the chance to share their offerings with the community in a way which is personal and unique. May the markets live forever.
— James, Bootleggers
The Little Big Markets is a place full of inspiration, fun, excitement and love!

It is ICONIC! As a member of the public I can never get enough of the INCREDIBLE products and good vibes!

As a stall holder I am so lucky to be apart of such a wonderful event every market leaves unforgettable memories.
— Jessie, Little Dot May
The Markets mean a vibrant, engaged and open community where people are able to come together - essential for a healthy city!
— Claire Mabey, Associate Director - Tauranga Arts Festival
toodles noodles.jpg
The Little Big Markets is a place where you can go and feel welcomed month after month. They truly make you feel like family and everyone is always so friendly that it feels like you’re seeing your extended family once a month for a fun catchup. No matter what the weather may be doing that day, there may be a horrible wind blowing, the rain could be pouring, the sun might be radiant, everyone is always smiling and having a grand time.
— Liora, Toodles Noodles
The Little Big Markets Mount Maunganui was the first Market in NZ that I had been to and went woah! These people know what they are doing. I was inspired by the mood of the market, how trendy it is, and how “now” it is. As a young entrepreneur “rocketeer” I saw these markets as the perfect platform to launch Tia’s Tacos - my mobile Mexican American Food Truck. Rachelle and Chris, I will forever be grateful to you for welcoming me on board your fantastic journey to make Tauranga THE place to be.
— Erica, Tia's Tacos
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I’ll never forget getting to sample one of the winning cakes in The Little Big Markets Great Bake Off. Nom nom nom!
— Jolene James, 93.4 MORE FM Tauranga