Tia's Tacos

I am an all American girl that grew up in the South Bay, L.A. The South Bay is a group of cities in Los Angeles, California that border the beach. Mexican food is a staple food for the people of South Bay. Growing up in the South Bay you didn’t have to be Mexican to understand how to cook the food or understand the culture. Because even if you weren’t Mexican, you knew plenty of them.

My father’s parents immigrated to the US from Mexico. My father was born in California and so was I. My Aubelita (Mexican for grandma) cooked all the meals for her 8 kids and around 40 grandchildren. When I asked her to teach me some of her cooking tricks she was proud to show me around the kitchen.

My great Grandfather on my mother’s side, Peter Schneider, emigrated from Germany during WWII and ended up in Los Angeles in the 1950’s, where he opened a restaurant called Schneider’s Café. My Grandfather Fredrick Schneider was a keen fisherman, hunter, and BBQ extraordinaire. Grandma Suzy is an amazing baker who makes a Cinnamon Roll that will knock your socks off. My Mom, Jondi Schneider, she is the master of fusion cooking. She taught me how to cook – from a young age I was watching and learning and growing my passion for cooking.

Tia's Tacos is a Mexican American Food Truck that is Available for Weddings, Events, and Private Parties.

Sample Menu

Carnitas Tacos

Pulled pork with ancho salsa, onions, and coriander

Baja Chicken Tacos

Grilled chicken (Pollo Asado), fresh tomato salsa, and chipotle aioli


Fresh travally, snapper, blue nose, and or tarakihi marinated in a citrus chili and herb vignette, mixed as a salad with diced cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, coriander,  prawns and avocado

Also offering a full catering range with a Traditional Mexican American Dinner Options

Contact Erica to see what Tia's Tacos can do for you at your event.