For anyone that knows me you'll know I'm vegan. Not because I go out and shout about it...well I do have it tattooed on my leg...but because it can be a pain going out for a meal with me. But I'm happy to say that living a vegan lifestyle in the Bay is getting a whole lot easier! Here's my top 5 places to get vegan food in Tauranga/Mount Maunganui...

My Top 5

  1. Totally has to be Grindz Cafe. They've got a ridiculously awesome vegan selection, from vegan fry up's to raw snickers bars. I'll never go hungry at Grindz, which is why I'm there most days!
  2. Is Wild Earth Organics. From delicious salads and other raw treats I love looking around the shop and cafe. Definitely worth a visit if you're thinking about going vegan.
  3. Goes to Mount Social Club, who I only tried for the first time last week. I was pleasantly surprised to see half a dozen vegan options on their menu, including a dessert...boom!
  4. Another Mount restaurant, Mr Miyagi. The calm atmosphere and yummy food means you really should give it a go. So many vegan options at such a great price.
  5. is for those time you want something a little naughtier...Burger Fuel. With a few burger options, hot chips and even a soy milkshake you can't get much better than that.

Let's not forget all the amazing vegan options we have at The Little Big Markets from the likes of Tia's Tacos, Dutch Queen and Posh Nosh to name a few. What's more the Bay's vegan scene is about to get a whole lot bigger...what with Little Big Events putting a vegan festival called Vegan Vibes on Saturday the 24th of September. Keep a look out for more details!